Dissidia Final Fantasy to be Developed by Team Ninja for Arcade

Dissidia_Final_Fantasy_Arcade_Logo What do you get when you had Team Ninja, developer of the famed game titles Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive franchise, work on an already popular action-RPG game for arcade? Dissidia Final Fantasy on arcade, of course! While Dissidia Final Fantasy being in development for the arcades (possibly not yet the final title given the exact similarity of the titling with the same game that give it root in PSP) is no longer a news given the buzz it had generated not too long ago after being announced for the first time, what is surprising is the developer behind the game — Koei Tecmo’s Team Ninja. Apparently, even at the present, Wikipedia is not aware of this fact. On the other hand, it is not also as surprising given Team Ninja’s credibility as a game developer with the likes of Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden on its roster of developed game titles, in addition to Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z (PC), Toukiden: The Age of Demons (PSP/PSV), Toukiden Kiwami (PSV), and Hyrule Warriors (Wii U). This is not just rumor given that it was directly disclosed by Square Enix itself during a special occasion we would call the “Closed Conference 2015.” According to Atsushi Morita, president of Sony Computer Entertainment, the game is being developed using the company’s current-gen console’s core system technology. While this may hint that there is a very likely release of the game on PS4, there is not yet an actual official announcement from the company itself, which, at this point may be hard to speculate but is very telling. For now, according to Morita, the company would like the fans to enjoy the game first on arcades. Dissidia-FF-AC-Ann-PV-Clip_007 Were it to be ported for console release, however, the game will not be in development until a year after the game’s official release in arcades, according to a Square Enix producer. Pictured in the said event are the actual prototype models of the arcades that will run the game and whose designs are subject for improvement or future changes. For those wanting to get a first-hand experience of the game will have to go on location tests which will be held in Aichi prefecture, Sendai, and Tokyo in Japan starting this April 17 up until April 19.  Other location tests will also be found in Fukuoka prefecture, Osaka, and again in Tokyo starting on April 24 until April 26. For more information about the game, we will have to wait until then. More screenshots of the game can be found on its official Japanese website. [Update] In a more recent news, Final Fantasy Tactic’s Ramza is said to be a playable character in this game being developed by Koei Tecmo’s Team Ninja.

Sources: http://www.siliconera.com/2015/04/10/dissidia-final-fantasy-arcade-game-developed-team-ninja/ http://www.siliconera.com/2015/04/10/dissidia-final-fantasy-screenshots-show-cloud-terra-others-arcade/


Digimon World: Re-Digitized English Patch to be Released “Soon”


What has long been promised to be released for PSP gamers sometime in 2012 actually took longer than it should and as promised.

If you are not an active member of GBATemp anytime around 2012 up to the present, chances are you might not have known that there is a group of people who undergo translation project for Digimon World: Re-Digitized. In fact, they have and are still are, albeit not as the original compositions of.

However, the ordeal of doing fan-translations of the game has proven itself more difficult in as much as keeping the team’s interest on the project. This led to the supposed “leader” of the group to disband old members and recruit new and more competitive ones for the continuation of the same project where it was left off. Little do we know that in between disbanding and recruiting new members, the project has been dormant for close to a year. [Read the full story here.] For a group of translators who do the translation process out of hobby and are unpaid for, this is not surprising as it had some previous translators before them. As for whether they accept donations via PayPal is yet unknown, but is not surprising seeing the effort placed into the project.


Better Late Than Never

It is now 2015, roughly three years since the group first announced their project at GBATemp, and the team is now composed of new members continuing the legacy of the original members’ contributions. Progress with the project is as promising as ever especially knowing that the new recruits of programmers are better than the previous, including the translators. There is no tentative nor definitive date as of the present as to when the English patch will be released, but with all things good we can count on the idea that it will be released this time around. Hopefully, within the year as well.

Shenmue Brought Back to Life in Dead or Alive 5: Last Round on PC


It was sometime in 1999 when Shenmue was first released to the public using the Sega Dreamcast as its platform. Since then, it has captivated many players because of its gameplay and innovative features unique to its time coined by its producer and director, Yu Suzuki, as “FREE” (Full Reactive Eyes Entertainment) in addition to the Quick Time Events (QTE) now made famous by later game titles such as the God of War and Resident Evil series. The popularity of Shenmue was followed by a sequel titled Shenmue II (not surprisingly) two years after in 2001 but only to be ended there due to the sequel’s poor commercial success unlike its predecessor. Bringing the same title that brought an end to the popular franchise in Sega Dreamcast to later generations, Shenmue II was ported to Xbox soon after. Shenmue II brought the franchise into a cliffhanger rather than a finishing to the story leaving ideas into another sequel which up until the present was never put into fruition, oftentimes, coming only as a rumor and a myth such as the Shenmue Online which was cancelled.

Dead or Alive 5: Last Round — Shenmue Characters?!


However, it was not until the release of the PC version of Dead or Alive 5: Last Round that Shenmue was literally brought back to life [again] with the fan-made customizations made by one of the existing modders of the game. Modder Esppiral of Shenmuedojo.net re-textured existing Dead or Alive 5: Last Round characters turning them into their Shenmue counterparts, all because of the custom mod alone. Here we will see Jacky turned into Ryo Hazuki of the Shenmue lore; Akira turning into Lan Di, and “The Dojo” turning itself.. well.. into its Shenmue counterpart designs also known as “The Dojo.”

Anyone interested on these modded customization can download the files directly from this link.

You can also download each separately given the links as follows:

Credits: Esppiral of Shenmuedojo.net as well as the links provided.

Sony: Bought a PS Vita Unit Before June 2012 in the US? Get Freebie(s).

If you are a US resident and has brought your PS Vita unit before June 2012, then chances are that you are eligible to avail of the freebie(s) Sony is offering. This is as a result of a lawsuit by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) which has started since late last year claiming that Sony falsely advertised its PS Vita units’ features upon launch that were either never put into fruition or were unsatisfactory for some that it does. Features such as remote playing PS3 games with the PS Vita, PS3-PSV cross saving, and online multiplayer via 3G network were blustered but only to disappoint in actual implementations.

You know first-hand that you are eligible as soon as you received an email from Sony bearing this content:

PS Vita Cash Back

If you personally think you are eligible on the offer and has not received an email, you may either look on it in your email’s spam inbox or go directly to the link of the offer.

What Freebie(s)?

Eligible PSV owners for the freebie(s) are free to choose on which freebie(s) to claim:

  • $25 check
  • $25 PSN Store Credits
  • One of three Sony platform (PS3/PSV) game bundles

Sony Freebies

According to sources[1][2], eligible PSV owners may file claim by going to https://vitaclaims.com and whose validity is good until June 29 of this year. Prequalified customers will be asked of their PSN IDs as well as the PSV serial number for verification purposes.

What if my unit’s serial number is already faded and unreadable on print?

Knowing you are eligible but finding your unit’s serial number to be badly faded? Looking for your PS Vita’s serial number is not just dependent on the print on the actual unit. By just hooking your PSV unit to you computer, you can look for its serial number under the properties menu.

Seeing this is a US Federal Government issue, chances are only US residents are entitled for the freebie(s). While there were others who proclaimed to submit a claim on the offer despite being non-US residents, let us see whether they are granted of the offer.

PS3 Hacks: Beware of Bogus Websites

Bogus_3 In a deliberate attempt to mislead people into updating their PS3 units to the latest official firmware (4.70), blog sites such as the “PS3 Official PS3 Jailbreak, Downgrade, PSN” exists for this reason. For the unsuspecting individuals such as the newbie I was once was, the blog may looked legit especially knowing that there are comments on the same blog claiming the method presented to work. While there may be truth to those claims, those same commentators did not explicitly stated the condition of their PS3 units when they followed the method presented. This is only considering the legitimacy of these commentators. Otherwise, they are also a part of the trickery that makes the blog site looked legit, if not just the same person who made the blog himself / herself. Add to that the fact that the moderator of the said blog himself / herself is selective on the comments he / she approves. I know, since three of my comments asking about the methodology presented on its blog are neither responded to nor were approved for posting. Sounds fishy, right? Before undergoing any installation of custom firmware on your PS3, you should consider the following for the jailbreak method to work:

  • Your PS3 unit was manufactured on or before 2011 as seen in model numbers: CECH-2XXX and CECH-2XX1. This means that your unit is downgrade-able were you had it updated to an official firmware higher than 3.55.
  • Your PS3’s official firmware must not be higher than 3.55, as already mentioned. Even if it does, it must belong to a downgrade-able unit such as also already mentioned.

Not meeting any or both of these conditions, YOUR PS3 UNIT IS SADLY UNHACKABLE even at the present. I am even emphasizing on the phrase twice by writing it in capitalization and in bold font. To cut the said misleading blog site some slack, I will be pointing out that the method it presented were all correct and good ONLY IF your PS3 is already jailbroken before (i.e. running on a custom firmware) or has met the criteria I had presented thereby making it eligible to be jailbroken as a result. However, this all crumbles down as early as prior to step 1 when the said blog site explicitly stated the obviously bogus statements which any person aware would know at one look: Bogus_2 There it mentioned requiring your unit to be upgraded to 4.70 official firmware (OFW) first before following the procedure and whose methodologies does not require flashers for downgrade. While both statements make sense and are actually inter-related, both are actually lies and the complete opposite of what every PS3 owners should do as far as current and proper PS3 hacking methodologies are concerned for reasons that:

  1. You cannot install a custom firmware (CFW) in a PS3 unit unless it is on or lower than OFW 3.55.
  2. If your unit belongs to those models that are downgrade-able but was already updated to a firmware higher than 3.55, you will be needing any of the mentioned flashers (which are troublesome to use, by the way) in order to go back to firmware 3.55 or lower and proceed to jailbreaking the PS3 from there. The mentioned flashers (E3 Flasher, Progskeet) are as useful to this day as they were since first introduced, granted that you have a hackable PS3 unit but has not gone to the process of downgrading it.
  3. NOT ALL PS3 units are hackable. Only those units who have already undergone jailbreaking are the ones able to be upgraded to a higher version of a jailbreak. Period.

I was one of those newbies who got tricked into thinking that the mentioned steps provided on the blog is correct, only to prove myself otherwise. Here is my story: “I bought myself a second-hand PS3 Slim unit whose model number is CECH-3003B which was originally bought from the United Arab Emirates and whose firmware version is already updated to 4.55. Looking at both information, any aware person would know that there is no chance for it to get jailbroken as it did not meet both needed criteria — that is actually correct. As newbie a person I was back then, I followed every word that was stated on the blog and which acted as my guide to jailbreaking a PS3, including the need to update my unit to the latest firmware possible. All things followed and onto the installation of the supposed jailbreak (custom firmware), the system rebooted but only to give me an error with its corresponding code stating that the file used is “corrupted.” I later found out that I must meet two conditions before any successful attempt of jailbreaking a PS3 could be made and whose very same statements I just mentioned here.” Luckily, my PS3 unit was not damaged in any way whatsoever as a result of the failed installation of the jailbreak of which I am quite thankful of. But having experienced it first-hand myself, I think it is my responsibility to let people know of this deliberate attempt into tricking people to upgrading their PS3 units whose potential harm may be found on the idea that:

  • Not all PS3s are downgrade-able and thereby leaving the same units, once updated to OFW 4.70, to remain in official firmware, which is contrary to the purpose of jaibreaking a PS3
  • Even if the unit is downgrade-able yet has already updated to the recent-most version, the downgrading methodology is too difficult for the lay man to follow and can even be very costly especially factoring in the cost of buying any of the actual flashers themselves. This is not to mention the possibility of actually ruining the physical unit by mishandling especially for the inexperienced.
  • The unit might be bricked due to some random circumstances by simply following the steps as stated on the misleading blog site.

If you are so curious to which website I was referring to and wanted to see it for yourself first-hand, see the blog site yourself by clicking on this link. As far as accessing the site goes, I can vouch that it is safe. What is not, is the wrong notion about the PS3 hacking methodology or should I say, the deliberate attempt to mislead based on its context.

Force Closing, Crashing, Et cetera: Making Apps Run Fine Again on BlueStacks


I have been using BlueStacks, an Android emulator on PC, since its early stages a few years back. I was still using a proprietary cellular phone made by Motorola by then. That time, while at its early stages, BlueStacks was plagued with problems common to a complex system such is the Android OS. This ranges from the actual app crashing, not able to run the desired apps, etc. In other words, BlueStacks mostly only works from the outside but does not function as a wholly functioning system. That was the case for BlueStacks a few years before from now. But…

The Android operating system has grown more advanced since and has gone more sophisticated than ever while also able to utilize better hardware. Along with its progress, is the improvement also on the emulator side, that is, BlueStacks. Although while it still lags in comparison to the actual Android unit, BlueStacks has had major stability improvements unlike its previous versions yet whose idea is already given. This, however, does not mean that BlueStacks has already been perfected, nor was it close to the idea — no, it has not. BlueStacks may still have lingering bugs whose only hope of getting fixed is in the hands of its developers. But just like any imperfect system, there are also steps you can apply to remedy problems with the system. Welcome to the BlueStacks’ Making-Your-Apps-Run-Fine-Again once your app suddenly encounters problems with it.

I will not assume myself an expert with regards to the tweaks and fixes commonly applicable to BlueStacks as a system, however, there are also significant experience I could share which helps with the problem I often encountered with it — previously running apps suddenly stopped running properly after a some time of use.

Browsing through the internet about the same problem, answers you would commonly get are steps asking you to uninstall everything of BlueStacks and start anew with a fresh install after erasing everything. While this step is somehow helpful, it is a waste of time to do so every time when there is a more simple solution: clear the particular application’s cache.

To be specific about it, steps you would be taking will include:

  • Going to the Settings menu
  • Click on the [….] More tab on the right-most part of the screen
  • Click on the ‘Application manager’ app
  • Click on the name of the application acting up
  • Click on ‘Clear cache’

Voila! This should fix the problem with the app on your BlueStacks by now. To keep things clean and optimized in your system, consider installing Clean Master app for Android not just on BlueStacks, but also on your other smartphone devices as well. Frequent using of this app will ensure a somewhat clutter-free and optimized system that prevents the system from slowing down.

Upcoming PS Vita 3.36 / 3.50 Exploit: ‘Pool Hall Pro (US)’ / ‘World of Pool (EU)’

Both PSP and PSV owners, rejoice! Wololo.net has just recently unveiled its most recent exploit for PS Vita enabling the ARK-2 eCFW which requires either a PSP running on 6.XX custom firmware (CFW) or an already exploited PSV unit. This exploit is courtesy of qwikrazor who has been active on the hacking probably as early as the initial release of PSV. To give you an idea of this reality, view this video as posted by The Zett, one of the active members of the PSV hacking scene, showing the working exploit for PSV:

As of posting time, Wololo has not yet released the methods as well as the files needed to exploit an unexploited PSV. But given the video above, it is looking very promising so far. As soon as this video was released, I made it a point to grab myself a copy of Pool Hall Pro using my US PSN account while Sony has not removed of it yet, as well as the PSP version of the game to be used with the process. If you have not done so already, do it now by logging into your US or EU PSN account and download the game.

Note: The EU title of the game is “World of Pool” in case you are to avail the game on EU PSN.

Pool Hall Pro

As I was having an issue logging into my PSN account using my PSP, I just downloaded an ISO of the game for PSP to which I easily copied over to its memory card. If anyone is interested on the same file, I am leaving a link of it here or here.