Seeking PayPal Donations

Or rather, “Will Write 4 Food[-buying Money].”
This blog may not have been as active as I had hoped as I am pre-occupied with gigs and full-time work. Despite that as a fact, however, I still retain the exact same enthusiasm as I had when I started this blog and, as such, had been contemplating for a long time now in turning this free curation to a real-time commitment with the hopes of being in service to my readers by delivering the juiciest, freshest, and hottest news as well as trends that are happening in the gaming world.

You might be wondering why the need for such a long contemplation. Why exactly?

Well, to be candid, I’m short on needed funds to even kickstart the simplest website I could build, let alone its short term or long term maintenance. As most of you probably know, websites do not generate even a single penny unless it’s spent for, a notion shared by many internet companies, primarily Google: which is the kind of website you are reading right now. Hence, the irony of needing money to gain more money.

Why pursue on this when there are many credible sources of gaming information out there?

I do not really intend to compete and be the “best” source of information regarding games out there per se, especially acknowledging that there are existing brands that are way advanced, more entrenched, and more capable as I would hope my brand to be. For me, this is something that is to be as a result of one thing that is very relevant to me which I am very passionate about and not get tired of covering for: gaming. Money (hopefully) is just its second reward.

Like myself, I believe that video gaming is something that has special place to every person–young and old alike–which makes this niche, not just significant to the previous, present, and future generations, but also as an enduring topic reaching its maturity that is something we shall see more of in the coming years.


If you think I am indeed a few steps away in materializing this simple dream, why not help out hasten its fruition by donating? Any amount, however little, will be greatly appreciated:


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