Digimon World: Re-Digitized English Patch to be Released “Soon”


What has long been promised to be released for PSP gamers sometime in 2012 actually took longer than it should and as promised.

If you are not an active member of GBATemp anytime around 2012 up to the present, chances are you might not have known that there is a group of people who undergo translation project for Digimon World: Re-Digitized. In fact, they have and are still are, albeit not as the original compositions of.

However, the ordeal of doing fan-translations of the game has proven itself more difficult in as much as keeping the team’s interest on the project. This led to the supposed “leader” of the group to disband old members and recruit new and more competitive ones for the continuation of the same project where it was left off. Little do we know that in between disbanding and recruiting new members, the project has been dormant for close to a year. [Read the full story here.] For a group of translators who do the translation process out of hobby and are unpaid for, this is not surprising as it had some previous translators before them. As for whether they accept donations via PayPal is yet unknown, but is not surprising seeing the effort placed into the project.


Better Late Than Never

It is now 2015, roughly three years since the group first announced their project at GBATemp, and the team is now composed of new members continuing the legacy of the original members’ contributions. Progress with the project is as promising as ever especially knowing that the new recruits of¬†programmers are better than the previous, including the translators. There is no tentative nor definitive date as of the present as to when the English patch will be released, but with all things good we can count on the idea that it will be released this time around. Hopefully, within the year as well.


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