Sony: Bought a PS Vita Unit Before June 2012 in the US? Get Freebie(s).

If you are a US resident and has brought your PS Vita unit before June 2012, then chances are that you are eligible to avail of the freebie(s) Sony is offering. This is as a result of a lawsuit by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) which has started since late last year claiming that Sony falsely advertised its PS Vita units’ features upon launch that were either never put into fruition or were unsatisfactory for some that it does. Features such as remote playing PS3 games with the PS Vita, PS3-PSV cross saving, and online multiplayer via 3G network were blustered but only to disappoint in actual implementations.

You know first-hand that you are eligible as soon as you received an email from Sony bearing this content:

PS Vita Cash Back

If you personally think you are eligible on the offer and has not received an email, you may either look on it in your email’s spam inbox or go directly to the link of the offer.

What Freebie(s)?

Eligible PSV owners for the freebie(s) are free to choose on which freebie(s) to claim:

  • $25 check
  • $25 PSN Store Credits
  • One of three Sony platform (PS3/PSV) game bundles

Sony Freebies

According to sources[1][2], eligible PSV owners may file claim by going to and whose validity is good until June 29 of this year. Prequalified customers will be asked of their PSN IDs as well as the PSV serial number for verification purposes.

What if my unit’s serial number is already faded and unreadable on print?

Knowing you are eligible but finding your unit’s serial number to be badly faded? Looking for your PS Vita’s serial number is not just dependent on the print on the actual unit. By just hooking your PSV unit to you computer, you can look for its serial number under the properties menu.

Seeing this is a US Federal Government issue, chances are only US residents are entitled for the freebie(s). While there were others who proclaimed to submit a claim on the offer despite being non-US residents, let us see whether they are granted of the offer.


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