Upcoming PS Vita 3.36 / 3.50 Exploit: ‘Pool Hall Pro (US)’ / ‘World of Pool (EU)’

Both PSP and PSV owners, rejoice! Wololo.net has just recently unveiled its most recent exploit for PS Vita enabling the ARK-2 eCFW which requires either a PSP running on 6.XX custom firmware (CFW) or an already exploited PSV unit. This exploit is courtesy of qwikrazor who has been active on the hacking probably as early as the initial release of PSV. To give you an idea of this reality, view this video as posted by The Zett, one of the active members of the PSV hacking scene, showing the working exploit for PSV:

As of posting time, Wololo has not yet released the methods as well as the files needed to exploit an unexploited PSV. But given the video above, it is looking very promising so far. As soon as this video was released, I made it a point to grab myself a copy of Pool Hall Pro using my US PSN account while Sony has not removed of it yet, as well as the PSP version of the game to be used with the process. If you have not done so already, do it now by logging into your US or EU PSN account and download the game.

Note: The EU title of the game is “World of Pool” in case you are to avail the game on EU PSN.

Pool Hall Pro

As I was having an issue logging into my PSN account using my PSP, I just downloaded an ISO of the game for PSP to which I easily copied over to its memory card. If anyone is interested on the same file, I am leaving a link of it here or here.


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