Force Closing, Crashing, Et cetera: Making Apps Run Fine Again on BlueStacks


I have been using BlueStacks, an Android emulator on PC, since its early stages a few years back. I was still using a proprietary cellular phone made by Motorola by then. That time, while at its early stages, BlueStacks was plagued with problems common to a complex system such is the Android OS. This ranges from the actual app crashing, not able to run the desired apps, etc. In other words, BlueStacks mostly only works from the outside but does not function as a wholly functioning system. That was the case for BlueStacks a few years before from now. But…

The Android operating system has grown more advanced since and has gone more sophisticated than ever while also able to utilize better hardware. Along with its progress, is the improvement also on the emulator side, that is, BlueStacks. Although while it still lags in comparison to the actual Android unit, BlueStacks has had major stability improvements unlike its previous versions yet whose idea is already given. This, however, does not mean that BlueStacks has already been perfected, nor was it close to the idea — no, it has not. BlueStacks may still have lingering bugs whose only hope of getting fixed is in the hands of its developers. But just like any imperfect system, there are also steps you can apply to remedy problems with the system. Welcome to the BlueStacks’ Making-Your-Apps-Run-Fine-Again once your app suddenly encounters problems with it.

I will not assume myself an expert with regards to the tweaks and fixes commonly applicable to BlueStacks as a system, however, there are also significant experience I could share which helps with the problem I often encountered with it — previously running apps suddenly stopped running properly after a some time of use.

Browsing through the internet about the same problem, answers you would commonly get are steps asking you to uninstall everything of BlueStacks and start anew with a fresh install after erasing everything. While this step is somehow helpful, it is a waste of time to do so every time when there is a more simple solution: clear the particular application’s cache.

To be specific about it, steps you would be taking will include:

  • Going to the Settings menu
  • Click on the [….] More tab on the right-most part of the screen
  • Click on the ‘Application manager’ app
  • Click on the name of the application acting up
  • Click on ‘Clear cache’

Voila! This should fix the problem with the app on your BlueStacks by now. To keep things clean and optimized in your system, consider installing Clean Master app for Android not just on BlueStacks, but also on your other smartphone devices as well. Frequent using of this app will ensure a somewhat clutter-free and optimized system that prevents the system from slowing down.


One thought on “Force Closing, Crashing, Et cetera: Making Apps Run Fine Again on BlueStacks

  1. You sir just saved all my app’s! i was going to re-instal the hole blackstacks player if i could not find a way! so to you thank you.


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