Unexpected Comback: Just publishing a set of work before they get officially stolen!

It’s hard living a life of a freelance writer. Just as when you think you had already come across the “ideal” client, a certain circumstance prevailed which shed light to an event that led to a rude awakening that it was a scam!

While not getting the pay that was due to me was one of the heartbreaking parts of this mishap, it’s the wasted time and effort that I put into the work that are also the reasons why this is such a bad experience for me. With the time I had allotted producing the articles I had submitted, I could be earning real money doing my other sideline jobs. I literally gave top priorities to a “job” I should not have taken in the first place!


So, to “Claire M” (skype: candidseocontents@gmail.com) who claimed to be William Simpson‘s “wife” whom I encountered as a “client” in Truelancer and either or both the same persons behind this elaborate scam (that is, if these identities were even real, if not just mere dummies), I am truly speechless. At least, at this point, I have no words for the two of you, aside from deep resentment!

Although I am not a person who was just born yesterday, I am astounded in knowing at how crooked some people can really be just for the sake of making money, especially after this bad encounter. I’m not really one to trust a stranger but these two people truly take the cake for people who cannot and should not be trusted!

But before any or both of you miscreants could take advantage by further stealing my work, I am publishing here a set of articles, all of which I had put a certain dedication and effort in producing, which were already at your hands and most of which yet to be published!

While these are not necessarily the award-winning kind nor anything particularly extraordinary, these are as a result of a creative mind after years and years of learning and hard work!

For what they are worth, the following are the said articles.


Rise Up Testosterone Booster by Helix Nutrition

Are you looking for that secret that brings out the “man” in you while at the same time help you chisel up relatively fast by burning out the fats?

Although hitting up the gym and doing intensive and rigorous workout may mostly do the trick, every bit of help coming from the body itself is also welcome. But knowing male’s masculine body and how the hormone, testosterone, play essential role in its development, a man must always be fueled by this hormone in order to embody the masculine trait.

But therein lies the problem about some men—given today’s hectic and toxic lifestyle, a growing number of this gender tend to suffer from lowered levels of this masculine hormone that it affects them in ways that are subtle. Then, there is also the issue of aging which in itself has a way of putting a decline to the body’s natural functions.

For the married man, this might imply losing interest in having intimate time with a partner, having lower chances of siring a child, and equally as bad, developing a body in a way that is not fitting of the “macho” label.

For the athlete or at least a person who lives an active lifestyle, another pressing issue of a lowered testosterone level in the body is a hampered performance due to loss of muscle stamina.

Luckily, despite the body’s inefficient ability to produce normal levels of testosterone in the body to sustain a person’s “manhood,” there is way to boost this important hormone—taking food supplements that are rich in testosterone-boosting properties, like the Rise Up Testosterone Booster.

What is Rise Up Testosterone Booster?

Developed by Helix Nutrition, a brand known for formulating one of the most like pre-workout performance-enhancing product in the market, the Hyp3d Fruit Punch Pre-Workout, Rise Up Testosterone Booster is the company’s take in solving the modern man’s most common problem—testosterone.

Rise Up Testosterone Booster is essentially a food supplement in a form of a powder that when mixed with water creates a mixture that is easy to consume as a drink.

What’s in Rise Up Testosterone Booster?

You could hear many good things about a particular product that may be outright lies or mere exaggeration. But if there is one thing that makes truth about any of them, it has to be the ingredients used in their making.

Is the Rise Up Testosterone Booster true to its claim as a “testosterone booster?”

Let us take a look at the ingredients and see for ourselves.

  • Magnesium Stearate

Although not the main ingredient of the product itself, it is well-documented that the mineral, magnesium, play many roles in the body, two of which being its proper development and normal functions.

  • Tribulus Terrestris

This plant may not necessarily contribute to the production of testosterone in the man’s body, but the inclusion of this extract significantly enhances a person’s libido, akin to what the male hormone would do.

  • LongJax

Like Tribulus Terrestris, LongJax is more of a sexual function enhancer rather than a stimulator for the increased production of testosterone.

  • Oat Straw

Adding to the benefits in enhanced sexual functions of both Tribulus Terrestris and LongJax is the Oat Straw. Aside from that, however, oat straw is also known for improving the body’s energy, as well.

The Best Testosterone Booster and Fat Burner Combo?

The product may itself claim to be a “testosterone booster,” but looking into its major ingredients suggests that it is essentially more of a performance booster in bed than it is elsewhere. While the idea may not be such a bad thing if your purpose for elevating your manhood is to please your partner in bed, it is worth noting that there is more to testosterone than being able to dominate an intimate moment.

As for the products possibility of helping the body burn fats, it is rather likely given a major ingredient in it which insinuates the release of more energy which, in medical terms, would imply using available sugar in the blood or otherwise by using fats as the source.


Modern Farmhouse Decorating Style

Designing the inner layers of the household can be an exciting prospect for homeowners. But with many styles to choose from, each of which fighting for their place as among the best, finding which design to opt therefore for can be a daunting process.

Indeed, there are plenty to choose from, all of which having their own pros and cons. But if there is one particular style that never ceases to show its appeal arising from an eclectic mix of simplicity and comfort, it has got to be the “farmhouse style.”

What is modern farmhouse decorating style?

Despite its rustic theme, a “farmhouse style” does not necessarily have to bear all the hallmarks of an old farmhouse. When you attribute the word “modern” with the term “farmhouse,” this architectural blueprint takes on a different meaning in that, while it resembles the traditional house by the farm, is distinctly different enough and feel significantly modern.

Sure, this modern flair to the tried-and-tested design may still share the same core principle of simplicity and comfort—and is perhaps the primary reason why this household style remains significant to this day—how it varies from the old archetype is mostly aesthetics by nature and with a little more emphasis towards practicality as infused in the overall design.

For instance, gone are the days when most farmhouses are defined by the colors of green sage and butter yellow as the modern twist show favor in the earthlier colors of tan, brown, and gray. On the other hand, by highlighting the pragmatic aspect of the style, designers are ought to show special attention to the flow of every room by considering the layout involving lighting and furniture placements.

Although experienced designers could easily come up with a blueprint that accentuates all the strengths that are inherent in the modern farmhouse décor, there is always a leeway by which experimentation could take place. The key is perhaps to make adjustments as you go and see whichever layout suits your taste better.

Further Ornamentations

As much as straying from the old makes for a defining feature of the modern farmhouse style, there is simply something innate about the old model that cannot be get away with. In this instance, furniture pieces made out of wood play special role in filling the genuine image of a farmhouse.

In adhering to the aforementioned concept, the best wooden materials to fill up the bulk of the room would be those with a simple and clean lines. At their most refined, not only are they “immaculate” to look at, they also possess enough significant charm which complements everything around them.

For further embellishments, adding intricacies like bar stools, accent chairs, and couches in addition to blankets and throw pillows, all of which make for a welcome inclusion to the household. There is something about these add-ons that balances out the atmosphere of the room while at the same time augmenting on the modern twist that the style displays to be.

But if you want the “ultimate accents” to your chosen home design, you can never go wrong with industrial-inspired pieces which not only insinuate a particular countryside theme but are also functional as well. In this case, you should be in the lookout for the following pieces which you could add as a meaningful part of the house: iron light fixtures, wooden mantles, and hanging barn doors.


The Increasing Demand for the Affinity Retirement Communities

When people from all walks of life in the present-day are hitting their retirement age, it implies a need for a change which the society often neglect but should pay attention to—housing.

The increasing number of Millennials in the workforce is already a signal that the Baby Boomers, once the dominant generation in the industry, is already shifting to retirement. Five years ago alone, as much as seventy-eight million of the Baby Boomers generation are expected for retirement which, as time has passed since then, is already a reality for a good portion of them.

Now, while this may insinuate a number of people who are getting stuck at home and enjoying a “stress-free” life outside of work, not all those who opted out of the workforce are the “conventional” type of people we take the elderly to be, especially when regards to housing.

According to Andrew Carle, a founding director to senior housing program at GMU in Virginia, the Baby Boomer generation is “different,” possibly in reference to the earlier generations which preceded them. Unlike the older generations, the retired Baby Boomers are not keen in the idea of the “traditional” or “old” senior housing options.

What does this imply in a society which had been used in the idea of putting retirees in a place that has become less stimulating to the present-gen retirees?

For one, the demand for housing for the aging population has become increasingly in demand while at the same time becoming enforcing in making a change to the way an elderly would live the rest of their lives in an exciting way.

Same Retirement Communities, But a Little Different

According to Carle, when interviewed by the Chicago Tribune, a typical retiree would be at the age of 65 and often are the people who often putter around the house, travel around, or do gardening.

However, 10 years down the line, things start to go sour which sets a crossroad between the mundane and the more interesting aspect of looking for peers whom they share commonalities with, said Carle.

For the uninformed, this speaks strongly as to how the society fail to differentiate how the Baby Boomers vary significantly from our great grandparents—or at least, fail to distinguish them as a generation that is peer- and amusement-oriented, more so than their older counterparts.

Introducing the “niche senior community,” also known as the “affinity retirement.” Unless there is someone who is elderly in the family whom you know is planning a retirement elsewhere than be stuck at home, then you are probably already familiar with this terminology. If not, then allow me to give you a brief idea at what this “phenomenon” entails.

Given the age-old adage which suggests that “birds of the same feather, flock together,” the niche senior community is basically a trend among retirees who are seeking companion amongst their fellow retirees, thus building a community of elderly people who share similar interest or passion.

Whether meant simply for recreation and amusement or as an expression of creativity or “lifetime” learning, these retired group of people share commonality which they could relate to, which is something of a problem in a typical household whose members are pre-occupied with the distractions of the modern world.

The affinity retirement is actually already here than people would assume. For example, in Senior Arts Colony at Long Beach alone which was launched last 2013, there are already facilities that were in place such as the dance and art studios, gallery, theater-esque clubhouses, and even classes aimed at fostering the artistic talent of their students.

But there are also other areas of interest that a senior niche community would cater to for the retirees, said Andrew Carle. For instance, in Nashville, Tennessee, there’s a community of elders who are exposed to the country music which appeals particularly to persons who are either enthusiasts of it or were former musicians themselves. It also is equipped with the right platform for making live performances as well as the facility to make recordings as needed.

For the well-off retirees who are capable of belonging to a more advanced affinity retirement setting, they enjoy amenities and shared interest based on the following:

  • Recreational vehicles
  • Motorcycles
  • Golf
  • Fitness
  • Equestrians
  • Classic car
  • Astronomy
  • Art
  • Academia and lifetime learning

Are you a retired senior seeking to enjoy life such as your passion for golfing? Do not let your age prevent you from enjoying a passion. You are never too old to enjoy this hobby.

The interest in finding a link between the enjoyment of playing gold and longevity is such that a study was conducted to establish it. This is what researchers had found out:

Did you know that the more you enjoy golf, the longer you live and the better your body is physically? Here’s why.

Is Housing Based on Particular Niches the Future for Seniors?

While we cannot pinpoint specifically when the first few niche communities were ever established, but as late as 2011, there were already a 100 of them in places. This number was also set to rose in the subsequent years which puts the demand for the niche retirement communities in an upward trajectory since.

In California alone where three established artist colonies are in place, developer Meta Housing in partnership with the non-profit organization EngAGE claim that their occupancy level seldom drops from 95% which suggest the number of retired people being housed in them, according to the Senior Housing News.

However, as it appears, not all kinds of affinity retirement are the same. For the retirees who have the penchant for learning, University-based Retirement Communities—or UBRC—are strongly getting into popularity as the newest form of housing for the elderly whereby residents take on the “campus life” such as by taking college courses.

Given the feasibility of this growing fad, there are already numerous UBRCs that are in existence which ranges from Pennsylvania State University to Stanford, to name a few, as well as plenty others more being planned to fruition.

Yet, for a trend that is deemed as fast-growing, there must be a good reason why UBRC is becoming a setting of choice among the senior retirees. Not only does the campus environment give elderly “students” a secure place to be in, they also integrate well with the environment which altogether makes it ideal for their presence.

Then, there are also those facilities that render nursing care—such as the CCRC—which are built specifically for the changing needs of their aging residents, whether living independently, with assistance, or with specialized care.

A Living Community for Seniors

Coming across the right retirement affinity, however, is not as simple as searching for the closest location in the area. For the most part, one major consideration to seeking a settlement of its kind would be finances.

While the average retiree may be able to settle in a senior commune that is on par with just the right standard, there is certainly the kind of people who would prefer to live their elderly lives in a “posher” setting, according to a report by Marketplace.

Knowing the large gap of income disparity in many countries, especially in the developed world, it is quite easy to generalize which population would fall to “just okay” niche community from one which is rife with more perks that comes with the added pay. If not opting for just an “at-home care,” this would typically include individuals from the moneyed class who chose to settle in a stimulating environment with like-minded individuals who easily relates.

For instance, just consider the Fox Hills, a retirement community, which has become a haven among health and wellness aficionados for its unique amenities including fitness spa, presence of gourmet restaurants and walking trails in the area, but at a cost of at least $400,000 to $1.2 million, said Washington Post.

Of course, not everybody who were already in their retirement age—despite years and years of work—managed to come up with a pool of money to live luxuriously in their resting days. For the majority of these people, money is still a chief consideration when it comes to finding a suitable niche community, followed only by the location.

But if the experts are to be heeded, Marketwatch said that, oftentimes, it is critical that people consider the value of easy access to health care instead of getting preoccupied in the idea of hobbies or niche which the community caters to.

Life indeed becomes boring as our ability to do things decline. Our elderlies are the very testament to this fact. But who better understand this kind of ordeal than they themselves who are already in the disposition where matters become less interesting if not with their fellow kind.

Money aside, there is indeed a perk for a retired elderly to belong in a community whose benefits far outweigh the difficulty finding a specific location and its subsequent funding.

Are you yourself an elderly with experience about niche senior living communities? What is your experience like?

Or are you someone who has a family member who is in one? How does he or she fare in his or her new settlement?

Should you yourself come of a retirement age, will you consider being a part of the affinity retirement pool? Why or why not?

Let us know be leaving a comment.


Dr. Tobias Colon 14 Day Cleanse to Support Detox & Increased Energy Levels

With the rampant rise of unhealthy foods as induced by the profitability of processed, ready-to-eat “meals,” people are unwittingly stuffing into themselves junks that contain ingredients that the body is not supposed to be taking. As a result, our bodies are getting intoxicated with trash that if not removed causes the body subsequent problems we call disease.

While our bodies are themselves equipped with the mechanism whose primary purpose is to keep the body clean and in balance, this process has its own limits which significantly leaves the body unclean. This condition leaves the body at its hampered state which makes it more susceptible to bodily disorders, including a decrease in energy levels.

The good news, however, is that despite this inherent limitation to our body’s system, there is a way we could do our part in keeping our bodies free from unwanted disease-causing clutters—live “clean” and “healthy” as well as taking a supplement that boosts our body’s ability to do cleansing from within.

Introducing the Dr. Tobias Colon 14-day Cleanse.

What is Dr. Tobias Colon 14-day Cleanse?

Drawing the benefits that comes from eating healthy by consuming foods direct from nature, the Dr. Tobias Colon 14-day Cleanse is a pill whose essence is sourced from significant herbal plants, all of which known for contributing to the body’s digestive system and removing wastes.

A single bottle of the Dr. Tobias Colon 14-day Cleanse contains 28 pills whose recommended intake is up to two pieces a day. That is akin to a daily and healthy consumption of the combined powers of senna leaf, cascara sagrada bark, psyllium husk, flaxseed, aloe vera gel, licorice root, and rice.

Knowing these natural ingredients, they all have a commonality in a single nutrient—fiber.

Benefits of Dr. Tobias Colon 14-day Cleanse

And, that is where the power of Dr. Tobias Colon 14-day Cleanse comes from. Fiber is not only known to promote the body’s digestive system, including the facilitation of a healthy bowel movement up to its eventual release, it also features a myriad of other healthful benefits, some of which act as a means of improving existing health conditions and even preventing known diseases.

For people who consider themselves overweight or are simply wanting to shed a few more pounds, a healthy consumption of a “fiber-rich” supplement like Dr. Tobias Colon 14-day Cleanse ensures that the body is reducing its excess baggage towards an ideal weight.

But for something touted as a “colon cleanse,” the main highlight of Dr. Tobias Colon 14-day Cleanse is indeed just that—the cleansing of the intestines whose idea of being “clean” is synonymous to the repulsion of potential diseases arising from the body’s toxicity.

Did you know that keeping your colon clean is a key to a good health?

Final Thoughts

If you eat a lot of junk as well as meat and is having trouble releasing the waste you accumulated in your body, further compounded by the lack of fiber-rich foods in your diet, taking Dr. Tobias Colon 14-day Cleanse is a definite must-have for you.

But for optimum benefits, pair this amazing supplemental pill with a healthy diet to ensure a regular visit to the bathroom which significantly reduces your body’s unwanted clutter towards a lighter, better you.


How to Market Biotechnology in 2019

I have been in the business of biotech marketing for 2 years to know the ins and outs of its trade, having spent thousands and thousands of dollars and reaping a revenue that is many times that—in millions.

While the old, tried-and-true practices in marketing remains an ever indispensable way to generating a profit in this business, the advent and the subsequent maturity of the internet also plays important role in finding success in the trade.

Just consider this: why spend on something so costly just to boost your sales or solidify your brand when there are cheaper means but whose result is almost just the same, if not more?

By this, I meant tapping to known money-making trends that are only easy to setup but also have unlimited potential in being lucrative over time, such as optimizing your website for the search engine (SEO), doing Pay Per Click (PPC) schemes, generating and marketing contents, as well as outbound marketing.

  • Search Engine Optimization

If you are still establishing your brand, being relatively new to the scene, your website automatically becomes the “face” of your company in the large expanse, that is, the internet. But given also the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of websites being generated in a day, getting your brand seen is oftentimes difficult task—unless you have Google’s attention.

If it insinuates anything, it means optimizing your website for Google in a way that whenever people queries a certain keyword that may pertain to your niche, your webpage should appear at anywhere on the first page. Ranking the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) may seem like a small deal, but for a wider community of people who no longer manage to look past just the first page of the search engine, it means a lot to be at the premier ranking.

  • Pay Per Click

Advertisements may have been—and still are—an annoying part of the internet, but it is there for a good reason—to monetize.

Pay Per Click schemes may not be as lucrative as selling products or services, but there is still indeed the means to make some money with it. Just place a well-elaborated ad campaign and you can leave it as it is, hoping that someone would be interested enough in making a click.

  • Content Marketing

If you are trying to sell a product or trying to establish your brand fast enough for people to notice and remember it by, content is king. Not only does creating a meaningful content shows expertise in a particular field, it also garners respect from the community which is essential in building your credibility and authority.

One major perk of content marketing is that not everything has to be always new. Oftentimes, recycling previously published contents makes for a necessary step that the process itself is simple and least effort-intensive.

  • Outbound Marketing

Being sought after by consumers for a particular product or service is a flattery when you learn that in the actual trade, the opposite is mostly true. But consumers are wiser nowadays and are easily offset by any hint of “sales.” Luckily, there is a platform like LinkedIn which fosters the perfect atmosphere in prospecting potential customers, establishing relationships, and, most importantly, making a conversion, all while not appearing too “salesy” or profit-centric.


The Simple Guide to Learn Drone Laws and How to Become a Hobbyist Drone Pilot

The rise of the unmanned aerial vehicle called drone had opened up an opportunity to enjoy a hobby that, while not necessarily new, is innovative in the way we enjoy remote control.

For the average kid, a drone may seem like an innocent toy they could fly around without any repercussion. As an object meant for recreation, that might indeed be the case. But not for an adult who is aware of the many possibilities that a drone could be tinkered with, it also opens myriad possibilities.

Having a drone, possibly as an adult who is more likely to afford it, is more than just about buying an expensive gadget to brag around with. More than anything, it is an object that requires an inner sense of responsibility akin to a gun bought especially for protection at home.

Drones, while ideally a means for amusement, can as well do harm.

People, especially the US Government—Federal Aviation Association or FAA—is well-aware of this fact and is the reason why there are established laws that serves as a guideline for enthusiasts to follow, lest they incur criminal offense.

So, what does the FAA says about the “Drone Laws?”

Unmanned it may be, a drone is still considered a “flying vehicle” as far as the Federal Aviation Association is concerned. And for something that is man-made and known to traverse the open spaces, flying a drone should adhere to the same principles and guidelines which pilots follow when hovering the skies with their own particular flying vehicles e.g. helicopter or plane.

If you are unsure where you fall in as a supposed operator—or remote pilot—of a drone, check out the Federal Aviation Association’s page which talks about the precautionary measures to follow and your classification according to purpose here.

Registration as a Certified Remote Pilot

Essentially a “vehicle” itself akin to the traditional plane or a car, owning a drone would imply the need for registration, according to the FAA rules, under Part 107. Like a car itself which has its own plate number which suggests legitimacy and ownership, a drone must itself be printed with a registration number suggesting identification of ownership.

If you are considered as a Certified Remote Pilot, registering a drone should be relatively cheap at only $5. This gives your unmanned aerial vehicle a registration validity of up to 3 years.

As part of the registration process, you will be required of the following information:

  • An active email address
  • A valid debit or credit card
  • Physical and/or mailing address
  • Design and model of your drone

There is one of two ways in how you would be able to register your drone: online or by paper.

Registration as a Recreationist

If you are filing a registration for your unmanned flying vehicle as merely a hobbyist, it is imperative that you register yourself as a “modeler” and have to label your aircraft with its own corresponding registration number.

Other major considerations for registration include:

  • An age requirement of at least 13 years old (if the original owner is younger than 13 years of age, an older representative may take his place instead)
  • The person registering the drone must be a US citizen or at least a legal permanent resident (for visiting foreigners, registering the drone upon arrival to US soil is mandatory)

Like when registering a drone as a Certified Remote Pilot, doing so as a recreationist requires you to provide authentic details of yourself as an owner, with the exception of needing to disclose the specifics of your drone.

Registering your drone as a hobbyist is also done in one of two ways—online or via paper—but with the added condition that the drone must weigh 55 pounds or less (if doing so via online).

Registration Under Special Classification

If you fall in a classification which grants you either the Special Authority for Certain Unmanned Systems or Public Certificates of Authorization, you would still be required to register your drone but on the condition that you are deemed as a “non-modeler.”

However, it was not disclosed whether there is the need to reveal your personal information—which likely is not necessary—as per the Federal Aviation Association’s main website.

But like the previous samples, there is only one of two ways you could register your unmanned flying vehicle—online or by paper—with the same condition that the drone being registered does not weigh more than 55 pounds, if done online.

A hobbyist drone user?

So, if your purpose for using a drone is for mere amusement only, it is intuitive that you consider yourself a recreational drone user which would require you to register your “toy” as such and thereby consider yourself a legit drone pilot.


How to Cook Japanese Fried Rice

Rice is a staple food in Japanese culture. With an economy that is reserved especially for agriculture, rice farming is a big thing in the land of the rising sun.

Knowing rice and how significant it is in the Japanese way of living, there is more than just a handful of recipes involving this important food. One good example of this notion is the yakimeshi, also known as the Japanese fried rice.

Why cook Yakimeshi?

Depending on where you are from, you had probably encountered a “fried rice” recipe which you had taken as a meal or had personally prepared yourself from scratch. If so, learning to cook yakimeshi should not be any different as the logic is quite similar, differed only by the choice of ingredients.

While learning to cook yakimeshi as a non-Japanese may be an interesting learning experience, there are also other pragmatic reasons why you should know how to cook Japanese fried rice—it is easy to prepare and is very tasty to consider it a meal.

What are the ingredients needed?

One major benefit to making yakimeshi is that it does not require any special ingredient. In fact, the ingredients in this recipe are so common wherever you may be in the world, making it is relatively easy, making it a universal dish once learned.

Furthermore, while cooking your fried rice is undeniably best with the freshest ingredients, a leftover rice is commonly used in this recipe for practical reason.

For ingredients, you only need the following:

  • Chopped shallots
  • Two whole eggs scrambled
  • Chopped pieces of bacon
  • Teaspoon of salt
  • Small cup of mayonnaise
  • Small bowl of cooked rice

In the offset chance that you did not have any leftover rice for the cooking, it is best that you start making your rice first, such as with a Japanese rice cooker which is very convenient.

The Cooking Process

Just like any other fried rice dishes, making yakimeshi is as simple and straightforward as mixing the ingredients together to be cooked over a pan.

Start the procedure by preheating a pan and then setting it aside for the next step.

Proceed by mixing together the whole cup of mayonnaise and the small bowl of leftover rice. This will give the grains a form of coating as well as an infused taste once heated.

Pour over the rice on the available space of the pre-heated pan, constantly stirring to spread the heat across the grains.

With the rice heated, set it aside in one side of the pan to give way for the cooking of the mixture of eggs and pieces of bacon, simultaneously with the rice.

Once the egg forms into a solid, mix both the rice and the meat elements together. From there, pour over the greens—that is, the chopped shallots—essentially adding a healthy vegetable aspect to the dish.

As a final touch, do not forget to pour over the teaspoonful of salt which will add a necessary salty taste to the dish.

With everything fallen into place, continue mixing to complete the dish.

Voila! You now have made yakimeshi.

Important Consideration

It is worth noting that making a fried rice is as simple as choosing any kind of rice you come across with from a nearby store. Some kinds of rice are actually more suitable for fried rice than others, while some are not at all.

To prevent yourself from making a “fried rice” that looks “watery” when cooked over a pan, stay away from the sticky kind of rice.


How to Create Your Own Homemade Sausage

Ever wished you could make your own sausage? Perhaps making a size you never see available in the market or simply want to make one yourself for economic reasons, if not business?

Then, you are in the right place as I tell you how you could make your own homemade sausage from scratch.

Making your own customized sausage is actually easy once you learned how it is actually made. For something that takes literally only a few steps to make, it is quite surprising how not many households are making their own sausages at home.

But, of course, unlike other meat that can be bought from the market, a sausage is a kind that takes special form that is impossible without the key ingredient—the fibrous casing.

Do you soak summer sausage casings?

Not all sausages are the same which are distinguished in the kind of meat they are stuffed with. But if there is anything common to all sausages in general, it is that they are enclosed with something transparent that holds all the meat inside together while at the same time edible for consumption, that is, the fibrous casing.

Essentially a mixture between a special kind of paper and a regenerated cellulose, a fibrous casing can be hard to handle “as is” or when dried. When soaked in warm water, however, this special coating becomes more manageable, making the creation of sausage from scratch a relatively easy process.

So, for the question, “Do you soak summer sausage casings?”

The answer is actually a “yes.”

The Grinding Process

Making an elongated sausage does not only happen by cutting off a flesh from an animal’s body. More than just separating the flesh, it also requires grinding which minces the meat to smaller pieces. The key tool in this process is the grinder which comes with the sausage stuffer.

The feasibility of making at-home sausages is such an accessible idea, getting a grinder and sausage stuffer to be used in the household is actually not difficult.

The makeup of your sausage is completely up to you and can range between being a pure single kind of meat—for example, pork-only or beef-only, etc.—or a mixture of different meats for added novelty and unique taste. The choice is completely up to you based on preference.

The Mixing Process

Once you had your preferred meat grounded into tinier bits, the next method in the homemade sausage making process is the blending of the meat with spices that will add flavor to the meat.

Unless you have a special recipe with your sausage, oftentimes it will only require the usual spices like salt, ground black pepper, chopped garlic, chili powder, vinegar, sugar, etc.

Typically, the mixing process happens by hand.

Another Stuffing Process

Having grinded the meat once and having mixed the right set of spices in it, the next method is the stuffing which will put the further grinded, spiced meat into the casing that will give the sausage its ultimate form.

It is worth noting that, while many sausages of today make use of a synthetic casing to hold a sausage together, there is a time when animal intestines were used instead. If you would prefer your sausage to be all-natural meat, choosing an animal intestine as a casing might be a good choice for you.


3 Dark Circle Treatments

Having only spent a few hours of sleep or after spending some hours binging on your favorite TV program, chance is good that you will wake up or realize that there is something dark lining the lower eyelid on your face. For simplicity, medical science refers to this darkened area below the eyelid as “dark circles.”

What causes Dark Circles?

Although lack of sleep and fatigue are two of the most common causes of dark circles for most people, there are also other factors that contribute to their appearance on our faces which includes:

  • Too much sleeping
  • Eyestrain
  • Dehydration
  • Allergies
  • Too much sun exposure
  • Age
  • Genetics

What causes Eye Bags?

With the exception of eyestrain, sun exposure, and genetics, all the factors that cause Dark Circles also contribute to the development of Eye Bags as underpinned by the pooling of liquid underneath the eyes.

Treatment Against Dark Circles

There are both natural and medically-related means to treating a nasty pair of Dark Circles on our face. Depending on your choice, the level of treatment may range between being cheap and easy to do at home or requiring medical intervention that may be quite expensive.

  1. Treatment Options at Home

Not all cases of Dark Circles are severe that they require an immediate medical procedure. As bad looking as they are, those dark areas are not necessarily permanent as they subside after some time, especially with the right personal mediation:

  • Apply cold compress

Anything cold has a way of inducing constriction to dilated blood vessels which causes the dark coloration in our Dark Circles. By reducing the diameter of the opening of the blood vessels such as by placing over a cold compress on our eyes, the darkened parts subsequently fade away.

  • Sleep better

Sleep deprivation has a way of making our skin look pale. Compounded by the stress of lacking needed rest, the shades of the Dark Circles become more ostensive. When you choose to sleep more properly, you eliminate the side-effects that often come with lack of sleep and stress.

  • Apply tea bags on your eyes

Teas are well-documented when it comes to their antioxidants and caffeine contents which stimulate blood circulation, cause the blood vessels to shrink, and retain moisture in the skin. But these benefits do not only happen when a tea is consumed. Merely applying a cold tea bag on the eyes is already enough to induce such benefits.

  1. Medical Procedures

When natural treatments against Dark Circles are not giving the fast enough solution to its posed problem, a faster and more effective alternative would be to treat the condition with the help of a trained medical professional with any of the following method:

  • Chemically-induced peeling to lessen dark pigmentation
  • Via laser surgery which uplifts the skin while also promoting skin tightening
  • Injection of pigment, also known as “medical tattoo”
  • Concealing of blood vessels and darkened skin with the filling of tissues
  • Removal of excess fats and skin on the affected area
  • Surgical insertion of synthetic product or fat
  1. Diet

The quality of the food we eat has the way of affecting our outward appearance. When you relate the presence of Dark Circles with stress, it is quite easy to assume and postulate how this skin condition can also be relieved with healthy foods that help the body fight off stress. The treatment against Dark Circles is therefore more than just external in nature, it also happens from within.

If you are looking for the right kind of food to consume that will give the best solution to the problem of Dark Circles as possible, eating the following foods would be key:

  • Cucumber

Not only does a cucumber contain a respectable amount of water which will significantly add to the hydration of the body, it also packs with important vitamins and minerals that aid in the reduction of Dark Circles.

  • Watermelon

Almost similar to cucumber, but has more water for better hydration power.

  • Tomato

Rich in needed antioxidants which helps rid Dark Circles by reducing the dilation of the blood vessels around the eye area.

  • Sesame

Rich in skin-loving vitamin E that is pivotal in the battle against Dark Circles.

  • Black currant

Also contains a good amount of antioxidants which help deliver oxygen to the tissues around the eyes, substantially reducing its dark pigmentation.


BlitzWolf: The Story Behind the Brand

The world of tech is tough business. With the industry being mostly ruled by giant companies that could squeeze out smaller competitions when they can, to be a small and upcoming brand makes for a difficult prospect from the beginning. We have seen many startups come and go after failing to survive the intense competition, a kind of uncertainty that is dissuading for the many others who wish to become a significant part of the industry.

But then, like these big guys we call conglomerates or corporations or one simply big by itself as a single company name, at some point started out small, too. How they made it big is an altogether different story. What is important to note is that finding success is still possible even in an uncertain industry.

It goes without saying that staying in the tech business is not without its own conundrum or odds that must be defied with.

The story of BlitzWolf is one of such case—a small company who aspires to become a significant part of an existing trend, willing to face all the challenges of an ever-changing industry.

The Birth of BlitzWolf

The early days of 2015 was very significant to the BlitzWolf brand as it was the time when a certain idea started to materialize and not just remain as is. The notion at the time was very simple—Why not make products that people just needs? How about catering to what they want as well?

The idea was so feasible and compelling at the time, the endless passion of the people behind the brand pushed those very same people to innovate on things that are both meaningful and exciting, signature to the brand.

Bothered by the industry’s rapid-changing ways and the many company’s rather proprietary approach to technology, BlitzWolf took it as an opportunity to bridge a solution to a perceived problem by creating a product that encompasses the latest technology trends available at the time. The company did so initially by creating the Power3S, a double socket charger that allows the charging of two mobile devices simultaneously. Not long after that, the first 5-socket charger was also born.

Finding success in its own developed products, BlitzWolf is nowadays a fast-growing company whose range of products are now extended to both computing and robotics, essentially aiming for making things easier and more convenient to people, one of which by infusing “smart” elements in our devices.

Although still in the process of continued growth, BlitzWolf is proud in what it had achieved so far. With a strong presence in major e-Commerce platforms which provides access to numerous customers worldwide, BlitzWolf has managed to establish itself as a global brand.


How Celebrities Can Use Blockchain

The advent of digital currencies has paved a groundbreaking way we see money and how it works. Its very adoption is conspicuously a reflection of the people’s zeitgeist about how finance should work, especially in addressing the issues that are prevalent in the fiat money system—free from the oversight of “governing bodies” and, most importantly, free from human manipulation.

But what is the magic behind this social and economic “revolution?”

One word: blockchain.

Blockchain is, in a nutshell, the universal ledger of all transactions that are taking place within the world of digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. But unlike a transaction record that is within a person’s reach, blockchain is immutable to modifications, keeping every transaction that goes in its record factual and free from malicious alterations.

Considering the possibilities that arise with its creation, blockchain makes one of the 21st century’s greatest innovation.

Dragon, a Solid Blockchain Platform

Since the popularity of Bitcoin, which is only one of the many digital currencies that were conceived and developed, there had been plenty others more. Some of them remain ever strong, while a number of others failed to gain traction and rendered obsolete.

Of those that which did survive, no other digital currency says great potential than the Dragon Coin (DRG) which poises itself to become the coin of choice among celebrities and influencers, essentially the number one entertainment coin.

Ran by a reputable Finnish company which touts a strong corporate management model named Dragon, the coin operates in a Blockchain platform aimed at bringing the entertainment industry and the celebrity people together. One major perk of this communion is that a Blockchain-based payment system is not only secure, it also guarantees success in every transaction which might otherwise be an issue in the fiat system.

If you fall in any of the aforementioned personalities, you can literally forget about the issue of bouncing checks or severely limited transactions that are often a problem in a heavily-policed money system.

Celebs are Embracing Dragon

Right now, many in the entertainment industry are employing Dragon as a significant aspect in their lives. By celebrities, we mean Hollywood actors like Ashton Kutcher, Jamie Foxx, Gwyneth Paltrow, etc.; sportsmen like Mike Tyson, Floyd Mayweather, Jr., etc.; musicians like Snoop Dog, Lily Allen, DJ Khaled, etc.; rich personalities like Bill Gates, Richard Branson, etc.; and many others more, all of which renowned in their own industry.

An Innovative Driving Force

The Dragon Coin is more than just about bringing the entertainment industry with the Blockchain-based payment system. It is also making positive changes in other aspects of society, too.

For those in the business of selling art, the Dragon platform is helping transform the art world in that it creates an easy bridge between seller and buyer through a widened visibility of the market and a kind of tokenization centered around artwork fractional sales.

In the gaming industry space, Dragon is reaching to game developers and producers, highlighting a partnership that could potentially shift the way the trade works, at least in finance. In the consumer space, the Dragon Coin slowly emerges as a viable e-gaming digital currency option, essentially making payments a lot more convenient towards the purchase of gaming-related mechandises.

Although the Dragon Coin is still a long way to becoming a universal digital currency of choice among its target demographics, it is nonetheless gaining traction, one particularly in Thailand when it established a business partnership with the country’s currency exchanger and retail outlet operator, Superrich.

Interested in experiencing for yourself what this newest fad is about?

Why not register for your free Dragon Social Wallet now and experience the perks of this rising star in the digital currency space?


7 Ways Dental Health Can Help You Improve Your Teeth

Many people brush their teeth for a few reasons. Some do so for something superficial as maintaining their pearly whites, while others do so for the more needed fresh breath. But dental health is actually more than just looking clean and smelling fresh in the mouth which a cool mint mouthwash can easily fill in. There is actually a more pressing issue as to why people ought to pay attention to their oral hygiene as if their life depends on it—because, for the most part, it does.

Resulting from years and years of interest and study, medical experts managed to find a link as to how the quality of our dental health has a direct repercussion to the overall state of our health, laid out in an article published by Everyday Health. (See https://www.everydayhealth.com/dental-health/101.aspx)

Missing out on our supposed regular mouth cleansing routine, therefore, is not only just bad for our teeth; it is also as negatively impactful for the rest of the body as well. However, this notion should not detract from the fact that our teeth are still one of the primary reasons why we should brush it.

Maintaining a Healthy Mouth is an Active Effort

Although there is no such thing as a single, ultimate dental approach to the mouth’s many possible problems, there are a handful of ways they can be addressed.

  1. Be mindful of what you put in your mouth

What you eat more than just affects your weight and, ultimately, your health. First and foremost, it influences the state of your mouth as well, with it being the point of entry of anything you consume.

But if there is one thing that you should consider eating more often, it has got to be something as nutritious and mouth-friendly as the apple. Not only does its consumption prevent you from setting any necessary appointment with a doctor; but, more importantly, it helps clean your gums and teeth with every chew.

  1. Do not forget to brush your tongue 

Brushing your teeth does not have to be taken as literal in that you only brush your teeth to reduce its unwanted plaque or maintain its white color—this is a misconception and a poor practice about oral hygiene.

Although much about the mouth is indeed unclean, another major interest for cleaning should be the tongue which is established to be one of the dirtiest as a source of the mouth’s odor-causing microbes.

  1. Stop smoking

It is a well-known fact as to how cigarette-smoking leaves the lungs with residue that subsequently causes disease. But let us also not forget the fact that the same vice, too, affects the health of our mouth as well.

While the teeth may be the most visible and most common victim of smoking with the discoloration it causes, our gums as well are also negatively affected by it. When you choose to quit smoking, you are cutting off the chances of acquiring a gum disease resulting from the bad habit of smoking.

  1. Employ the use of an electric toothbrush

There is nothing inherently wrong by using a traditional toothbrush and the manual way of brushing the teeth. But if you are seeking a convenient method about tooth brushing and doing so with better results, use an electric toothbrush.

So, ditch your old toothbrush in a large safe—for memory’s sake— somewhere and buy yourself an electric toothbrush instead.

  1. Never use the same floss multiple times

It is quite economical to consider using the same object for a similar purpose so long as it is still able and accessible. However, if you are putting the same notion to something that has an impact on your health such as a piece of floss, you would do yourself a favor not using the same stuff twice or more. Doing so, you would prevent the likelihood of spreading bacteria across your teeth.

  1. Do not give in to your “sweet tooth”

Having a so-called “sweet tooth” is a burden if you would consider how sugar works against the best interest of your mouth, particularly the teeth. The link between tooth decay and consumption of sweets is, in fact, well-documented. It boils down to the sugar’s influence towards making the mouth acidic which, when related to the teeth, causes erosion to its superficial layers.

  1. Pay attention to your gums 

While it might be convenient to easily dismiss any gum problems as a minor issue that subsequently resolves itself. But your gums may actually tell more about your health that you need paying attention to. Any gum disease may start off small, but that is also sometimes how a serious health implication manifests itself. When in doubt, always consult a dentist for a checkup.

To get a more comprehensive guide or more ideas on how you could take care of your oral health, check out https://www.webmd.com/oral-health/guide/default.htm or https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5535498/.


How to Make Blue Cheese Sauce

Considered a popular dip for foods the likes of Buffalo wings and crudités, dressing to salad, or as a sauce to steak, the blue cheese sauce is a household name in the United States.

But how can it not be when a mere addition of this special sauce can add a unique taste and texture to any food it is paired with? Not only that, it is also relatively easy to make from scratch, using only a few easy-to-gather ingredients. Otherwise, you can make it more extravagant by adding a bit more flair and intricacy in its making.

Now, unless you live in the states and has a previous experience with the sauce as part of a meal, then you are probably aware at what I am referring to. If not, allow me to give you a brief background at what “blue cheese” is and how it is critical in the making of the flavoring named after it.

What is Blue Cheese?

There are many variations of cheese in many regions of the world. One of them is the blue cheese, which is a kind of cheese with a distinct discoloration of blue dotting or scattered across it. For someone who has been used to seeing cheese in purely yellow or white color, the blue cheese may appear as an oddity because of its unique, thought-provoking appearance.

In a nutshell, the blue cheese has its own discoloration in its makeup because of the presence of the edible mold called Penicillium. Yes, that same mold where the antibiotic, penicillin, was made from. Molds are notorious for combatting bacteria, hence the idea.

The creation of the blue cheese, however, is merely accidental and not intentional in that its making was borne from a cross-contamination in an era when cheese-making and grains were quite inseparable and when the creation of cheese happens in caves. During those times, a Penicillium contamination happens aggressively and, when has taken a foothold in the cheese, was very difficult to remove.

To be perfectly blunt, no one really knows when the first blue cheese was ever invented or by whom as it dates back antiquity. But if there is anything that can be insinuated from the idea, it is that this type of cheese is ages old when it comes to its validity as a food, not to mention the idea of its high-quality taste.

Making a Blue Cheese-based Salsa

How to make a Blue Cheese Sauce is actually very simple and straightforward which makes cooking it relatively easy for most people, even those who normally do not cook.

A typical simple Blue Cheese Sauce only requires the following ingredients—butter, Worcestershire sauce, cream, and blue cheese.

The ingredients might seem barebones, but really those are the only ingredients you need to make a Blue Cheese flavoring to your food. For now, let us stick with this basic recipe.

Step 1

Begin the cooking process by pre-heating a cooking cauldron on the stove. The size of the cauldron should be commensurate to the amount of sauce you are keen in making. As a general rule of the thumb, the more flavoring you are willing to make, the bigger the container should be, including the amount of the ingredients to be used as well.

Step 2

With the cauldron pre-heated, leave a stock of butter in it and continue stirring until it melts into liquid.

Step 3

Pour over the Worcestershire sauce over the liquid butter, followed by the cream. Keep mixing to blend all the liquids together.

Step 4

With all the liquid ingredients properly stirred and mixed, add the final and most important ingredient of the recipe, that is, the chopped to small pieces’ blue cheese. Keeping the cheese to be as small as possible during cooking is a necessary step to make the cheese easily melt, sustained by the direct heat and constant stirring, and subsequently blend with the rest of the liquid ingredients.

With that done, you now have made a simple Blue Cheese Sauce.

Other Optional Ingredients

If you are keen in the idea of giving your Blue Cheese Sauce more thickness than what a melted cheese could give, adding a flour into the mix—after the butter has melted—may be a necessary step in the process.

For added spice, you can add some ground black pepper or, if you want to give your dressing an “oniony” taste in it, you can also add some chives into the mixture. Adding the latter is also ideal if you want some added texture in your sauce or simply want your food a little healthier overall.


Blockchain for Innovation

The word “blockchain” is often inextricably link with digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dragon Coin, etc. Without it, no transaction involving digital currencies could take its place given its essential role as a “universal ledger.”

But blockchain is more than just a technology aimed at keeping record of the ins and outs of coins that flow through its system. Blockchain is so transparent and immune to human manipulation, it creates a scheme that is literally unblemished by cheaters or by anything that happens behind-the-scene.

The blockchain technology does its magic by keeping every user—called the node—up to date with any transaction, essentially mirroring without discrepancy every activity across different nodes. To trick the system to a falsified information is to literally trick every node that are in operation which is impossible for the most part. It all boils down to the technology’s algorithm.

Considering the bureaucratic elements in today’s system which typically insinuates a time-consuming procedure and the presence of “middle men,” the blockchain technology is the anti-thesis to everything that is boggling and flawed in our present system.

With that being said, here are a few ways blockchain is shaping the way our society works for the better:

  1. Sending money overseas would be a lot faster

Pass all the governing bodies, middle men, and red taping that is rife in today’s system, sending money from elsewhere abroad should be a relatively smoother and faster experience with the blockchain technology at the core of it all. What normally would take days or weeks to accomplish, blockchain can do so in a snap at a press of a button. It is that fast.

  1. Better access to medical treatments

The present medical system is a slow and fragmented. When people thought that having a medical record in one could easily be transferred to another for a doctor to come up with an immediate and appropriate medical approach, many would be surprised to know that that is not the case.

As a result, patient who seeks medical help often end up going through medical procedures they would have had skipped, to save them the time and money, but did not.

In a system that runs on blockchain, an inefficient schema like the faulty one that we’re currently using is replaced by a system where uniformity and transparency is central across a network of medical institutions. Meaning, the next time you visited a different hospital for your nagging health issue, you would be receiving a needed medical treatment as fast as you needed it and not go through steps that prolong it unnecessarily.

  1. Better logistics when buying authentic goods

Since the introduction of the Electronic Data Interchange which had been introduced back in the 1970’s, a purchase of any good had always been exclusive to the seller and supplier. This leaves out the buyer in relative obscurity, aside from having the faith that what he was buying is authentic—although there is a possibility it might not be.

In a blockchain-based system, the consumer is informed of all the pertinent metadata of his purchase, giving him the awareness of where his purchase is coming from up until shipping. Thus, no consumer will ever get tricked when making a purchase from a blockchain-based commerce.

Are you looking forward to a wider adoption of blockchain? Why not start by opening a free Dragon Social Wallet which you could currently use in Dragon Exchange involving a digital coin eponymously called the Dragon Coin?


Study MBBS in Russia

More than just the vodka, the matryoshka, and a quirky approach to architecture, Russia is also a place known for some of the best in medicine. With the names like Nikolay Pirogov and Nikolay Sklifosovsky being a notable few, Russia is a magnet for students from all over the globe who wanted to learned advanced medicine.

But there are good reasons why Russia is attracting students and generating scholars in the field of medical science apart from being mentored by the world’s best.

Study MBBS in Russia and reap the following benefits:

  1. Inexpensive education

Education is an important part of Russian values as much as in the other developed countries of Europe. Although education is not something anyone can just get for free in this nation, it is significantly cheaper than in countries the likes of the United States, Chile, Canada, etc.

In Russia cheaper education, especially in the undergraduate degree of Medicine and Surgery, because of government subsidy which covers a good portion of a student’s tuition, including accommodation.

  1. Internationally-recognized institutions

Featuring degrees that are acclaimed and accredited worldwide by institutions such as the World Health Organization and the Medical Council of India, students who chose to pursue their MBBS degree in Russia are entitled to practice in any country of their choosing.

  1. Offers great opportunity to practice professionally in India

With a strong partnership with the government of India, students are given special training aimed at passing the Medical Council of India screening test which gives qualified students the privilege to practice legally in India.

  1. Allows for a great chance to practice professionally in the United States

Although giving students a highly likely possibility to practice in India may be at the heart of the Russian study experience, giving the students another plausible venue is also a major consideration.

In line with the goal of making students be mentally-equipped to pass the MCI screening test, a student will also be coached to prepare himself for the USMLE and therefore be able to operate legally in the United States.

  1. Provides a chance to learn two valuable languages

Although English is not the native language of the Russians, this nation respects the place of the English language as the vernacular of the modern world. However, this does not imply that the Russian language will not be in use.

As such, for students who will choose to study MBBS in Russia, they have equal opportunity to learn both English and Russian languages, the latter of which will be imposed during the students’ latter years. When an MBBS student reached the 4th year of his study, he will be given the role of a tutor towards the younger students using the Russian language which was expected to have been learned at that point.

  1. Safe and secured lodging

International students hold a special position in the Russian society which puts their safety and security at the highest regard. Featuring hostels built specifically with the learning students in mind, to fear for one’s goodness makes for the least concern among students hailing from other countries in Russia.

Interested in studying MBBS in Russia in pursue of your dreams to become a Medical Doctor someday?

Get in touch with the Doctors-Ideal Educational Advisors, an institution with strong partnership to Russia’s top medical colleges or universities, and make your medical aspirations come to fruition.


Arbitrage and Margin Trading Explained

One of the core principles of cryptocurrency exchange was never different than the stock market trading where, in order to generate a profit, you must buy assets at a low price and then sell when the value of the similar asset becomes higher. It is a simple math where your potential revenue is defined by the disparity between the selling price and the cost of the asset when it was originally bought.

Although the idea of the rise and fall of the price for an asset is commonplace in trades like the stock market as well as the cryptocurrency, the dynamics are often unpredictable, especially when considering only under a single platform.

But traders, particularly in cryptocurrency, are now being wise in not only sticking to a single platform when there are numerous platforms to cross-trade with, each of which offering different exchange rates. The logic that is inherent in stock trading remains core to this way of trading, only more feasible and lucrative given the discrepancy of the exchange rates between platforms.

The method is called “arbitrage trading.”

What is Arbitrage Trading?

In finance, the term “arbitrage” is explained as a form of hedged investment whose purpose is to identify a slight variation of pricing between two different markets. As described in Finder, the person who dabbles with this kind of trade is called the “arbitrageur” or a person who, hand-in-hand buys an asset at a low price in one market and then subsequently sell it at a higher price in another.

Applying the very same concept in cryptocurrency, arbitrage trading happens when a person buys an asset from one market—say, from NovaExchange—at a relatively lower price and then sells the same asset in another—say, in BitConnect—at a significantly higher price.

Yet, while trading stocks is indeed one lucrative way in making money involving cryptocurrencies, that is only one part of the money-making scheme that is rife in this trade. There is also the riskier means called the “margin trading.”

What is Margin Trading?

Margin trading basically happens when you include a “borrowed asset” as an investment in the trade. That means you are investing not only your available asset but also a borrowed asset from a lender in the hope that the value of the asset would increase, thereby giving you a chance to turn a profit while at the same time pay off the amount loaned to you.

For instance, if you have a $100 of existing assets and would like to increase the capital by another $100, thereby accruing $200 total, you get the additional $100 from a lender with the promise that you are giving it back over time, plus interest, when the asset increased in value. Assuming, in the best-case scenario, that the asset augmented its value by 100%, it means that you earned an amount commensurate to the capital you had accrued for trade, a fraction of which you will use to pay back your loan. Ultimately, the endeavor generated you a $100 net income.

But while there is indeed a leeway for profitability in margin trading, it is not without risk that you will not make a loss.

So, in the instance that the asset dropped its value by just 50%—which is equivalent to your only remaining asset, apart from the added capital from your loan—this would imply of you losing the amount you had invested and still be remaining in debt based on the asset you had borrowed.

For that reason, margin trading is riskier than a regular trading as underpinned by the presence of a debt and the irregularities of the trade.


3 Best OBD2 Apps for iPhone Review 2019

Before the year 1987, cars were prebuilt with an On-board Diagnostics (ODM) that is proprietary to each manufacturer. Not only are ODMs unique to a particular car maker, they are also expensive, too. This is given the manufacturer’s monopoly of their own respective product.

In wanting to come up with a uniform ODM which all cars could share, the ODM-1 was produced in 1987. Subsequently, the birth of the ODM-1 started a standard among car makers. The benefits of having ODM-1 onboard a car was paramount, it became the de facto diagnostic tool of all cars since.

However, being the first universal diagnostic tool for cars, the ODM-1 is not without its imperfections and shortcomings. Arising from this problem, the ODM2 was developed which sought to fix the problems inherent in ODM-1. Since 1996 up to the present, the ODM2 is the universal standard, with some slight variations between protocol types.

The use of the OBD2, however, is more than just for pimping cars and added bling. For the owner who likes to keep his car at tip-top shape always, the OBD2 is like a monitoring tool. With it pre-installed, you would know when something is up with your car or when there isn’t.

Typically, you’d be aware that there’s a problem when the accessory signaled you with the “Check Engine” light. In some vehicles, you’ll be hard-pressed to be informed by giving you a blink on it.

A Must-have Accessory for Cars

Now, not all cars made from the 1996 onwards come pre-installed with the OBD2. Even though there is a computer system in those cars, the OBD2 not a usual inclusion. An OBD2 is technically an add-on in the form of an adapter which provides the perks of car diagnostics.

Are you looking for the best OBD2 Bluetooth adapters to choose from for your car? Check out the following reviews by MyCarNeedsThis and CarOutfitter for some of the best in 2019.

Modern Car Meets Smartphone

The OBD2 technology has come a long way since become a mere accessory for car owners to look at. Nowadays, an efficient OBD2-enabled car is defined also by the kind of app which acts as a mirror to it.

In the world of electronics where two devices could communicate in a smart way, having an application as intermediator is handy. Usually, this is only possible when something as smart as an iPhone is linked with the car’s system.

But what better way to go about it than to keep a car and a phone in seamless connectivity?

Best OBD2 Apps for iPhone

Coming up with the right kind of OBD2 adapter is one thing about properly monitoring your car’s basic functionality. Finding which app works best for the same purpose is another.

Listed here are three of the best OBD2 apps you can get for your iPhone:

  1. OBD Fusion

There are not many OBD2 apps in iTunes that provide the same level of graphics as the OBD Fusion. Featuring a visual representation of each of the car’s significant aspect, the OBD Fusion is comprehensive.

To be given a real-time update of your car’s performance is a major boon for this app. But it also inhabits elements that also add to the overall convenience, such as the maps and logs. The map gives you visual reference of the route you are traversing. The logs, on the other hand, archives the data of your car’s performance given a certain timeframe.

  1. OBD Auto Doctor

The OBD Doctor does not offer the same visual experience as the OBD Fusion. But for an application whose primary aim is to provide detailed information about the car, it does work as intended.

Although wordy to some extent, the information which the OBD Auto Doctor presents is apprehensible. However, if there’s one thing that this app may be better at, it’s the addition of Trouble Codes. These codes are symbolic of all the known problems inherent to an automobile.

  1. DashCommand

More or less as aesthetically pleasing as OBD Fusion, the DashCommand features a well-designed interface with bright, contrasting colors. Like the other apps that made the list, the DashCommand has the right metrics to do its job.


If you are looking for that perfect app to pair your OBD2 add-on, I would personally suggest OBD Fusion. Not only is its user-interface the best in the list, its roster of contents is undeniably its most valuable aspect.

What more can you possibly want more than that for your OBD2 app?


Char-Broil Offset Smoker, 30”

The average American’s love for eating meat freshly served from the grill has translated into a hobby that causes family to stick together at the backyard for a communion of meal. At the center of this activity has always been the broil where the meat is cooked over a sizzling charcoal—the same stuff that made barbeques the cream of the crop during the weekend.

There are only a few reasons why people would opt to personally cook their meat instead of spend a small fortune by bringing the family along to dine at the nearby resto—money-saving practicality and, with the right recipe, full-on cooking control.

Unsurprisingly, it is for this same reason that grillers—in any of its form—have become a common American household name and an added novelty to family bonding.

Introducing the Char-Broil Offset Smoker

There are plenty of choices for the kind of grill you could fit in your backyard. You can choose to build something big and fixated to a single spot or something that is portable that can be moved at anywhere in the area.

The Char-Broil Offset Smoker fits the latter description perfectly in that it is just always static in a particular place to be used for cooking, it can also be moved as well, thanks to the 2 wheels on the one side of its footing. Just lift the side that is not wheeled and it is already good to go. The idea is that a grill can be at anywhere in the yard, wherever is most convenient for its use.

As a grill, the Char-Broil Offset Smoker is relatively small at only 30 inches, but sets a perfect dimension to not be so bulky and massive. Yet, for something whose primary purpose is to be a tool for cooking, this grill’s highlight is in its ability to cook fostered by proper temperature regulation through the combination of reduced air draft and ideal chamber architecture. As far as cooking goes, it gets the job done.

Featuring two charcoal grates which sustain multiple cooking simultaneously, there is always enough space for meat and sauce in this grill which sets a perfect condition for rushed or bulk recipes.

Then, there is the issue of durability. The Char-Broil Offset Smoker is a stuff that is fortified enough to lasts a long time, thanks to the use of high-quality materials employed in its making. However, despite the porcelain coating this grill is not necessarily immune to metals common problem with rusting. Unless properly cared for, this piece of metal is bound to form a rust due to a certain atmospheric condition.

At the end of every cooking session, there is also the inevitable issue about the mess which requires cleaning. But, thanks to the same finishing that made the grill pleasing to look at and fee, cleaning up the Char-Broil Offset Smoker is simple. This is further compounded by a design carefully thought out to facilitate the easily removal of ash.


For a grill of its price and caliber, the Char-Broil Offset Smoker is a decent choice. It is not perfect, as it, too, has its flaws. But these setbacks are not something that is not fixed with a bit of tweaking. With that being said, this grill may not fit everybody’s taste.

Interested in owning yourself a Char-Broil Offset Smoker but do not have the time to visit the closest retailer? Why not let Amazon bring the product directly to you home if you will place an order online?


God knows who does not pay!

P.S. If by any chance that you encounter a person or a company selling any of the articles published in this post, please feel free to inform me about it.


How to Get Game Cards (PlayStation Network, Nintendo eShop, & Xbox Gift Card) for Home Gaming for Cheap; Cheaper Than Your Local Retailers (Gray Market or Otherwise)

Making game purchases have never been easier thanks to the introduction of online digital transactions: why bother queuing up at the nearby retailer just to get your wanted game when you can just purchase it online and download for installation?

Not only does it allows convenience of getting a copy of the game at the comforts of your home so long as you have a internet to use with the transaction either with your home console or a separate computer, your digital download, too, is account-bound which gives you exclusive access to your purchase.

This means that, so long as your account is fully-protected (keeping your password to yourself and nobody else’s and enabling two-way protection), you and only you have the access to your digital purchase(s).


Yet, perhaps, the greatest perk of buying a digital download is that you can download the same game on multiple consoles of the same platform (that is, for example, you are an owner of multiple Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or Nintendo Wii U or Switch consoles). This is a feature that is impossible to do when buying a physical copy which you can only use exclusively in a single device at any point in time, every time.

You may not have experienced making an online purchase of games before and is probably ecstatic in trying for yourself. But before you delve in with this online buying of digital contents, make sure you have the following requirements first:

  • A valid PlayStation Network (PSN), Xbox Live, or Nintendo account (You can register online by clicking on the hyperlink attached or you could do so directly from your home console)
  • Home console of choice corresponding your account type: PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, or Nintendo Switch.
  • Internet connection to get online
  • Credit / Debit Card as mode of payment (if you have neither, do not worry, I’ll add a tutorial on how you could get a prepaid debit card for yourself (PayMaya) for your future online purchase)

Note: Always keep your personal or banking details private to yourself. This is one of those things which you cannot easily divulge without facing its negative repercussions later on.

If you already have the means to pay for your online purchases like a credit card or a VISA- or MasterCard-affiliate debit card, you may skip this part of the tutorial. Otherwise, read on.

  • While I could encourage you to get to the nearby bank and have yourself open for your own personal account, this tutorial is not it. But if you want to, you may. Specifically for this tutorial, I am suggesting you making a PayMaya account using your smartphone device (iOS/Android). Unlike going for a bank account, having to register for a PayMaya account is totally free: this is your virtual account similar to PayPal, though they are not one and the same. Technically a prepaid debit card, putting credits into your PayMaya virtual account is as easy as going to the nearby 7-Eleven branch and asking the attending clerk to have your account loaded with credits (any reasonable amount) using the contact number you had used to register your account. Easy peasy. Note: PayMaya, as far as I know, operates only locally in the Philippines. If you are not from there, this step may not apply to you. But so long as you have the means to pay for anything online, you are good to go.
  • paymayabeep_paymayacard_desktop
    This is how the old PayMaya physical card looks like and acts as the physical extension of your virtual account. The newer model comes with a built-in EMV on it. Note: For obvious reason, this is just a dummy PayMaya physical card. Do not attempt to use it, you will just be disappointed.
  • With region as an issue, users have the option to opt on which region he or she would register his account even if it is not true to his real location. For countries that are not explicitly supported by the platform, its inhabitants can register accounts that are set for another country e.g. someone in the Philippines registered for a US PSN account because his country is not essentially supported by Sony (cold hard truth).


How to, then?

I would have skipped the fluff and delved straight to this point of the blog but thought of also catering for those who are complete newbies to all these things. As such, here is the point of this blog: Where do you get the cheap offers for your video game digital purchase?

According to region, I’m attaching some links where you can get them cheaper than the average retailers, especially against the gray market, partly in celebration of Play-Asia’s “Feversale“:


PlayStation Network (PSN) / PlayStation Plus Subscription

United States (Region: R1)


50 USD PSN Card (US): $48.49


12-Month PlayStation Plus Subscription (US): $47.99

Canada (Region: R1)


50 CAD PSN Card: $47.99

Singapore (Region: R3)


50 SGD PSN Card (Singapore): $47.99


15 SGD Card (Singapore): $13.99

Hong Kong (Region: R3)


750 HKD PSN Card: $107.99


500 HKD PSN Card: $65.99


300 HKD PSN Card: $42.99


80 HKD PSN Card: $11.99


12-Month PlayStation Plus (HK) Subscription: $37.99

Nintendo eShop Card


50 USD Nintendo eShop Card: $47.99

Xbox Gift Card


50 USD Xbox Gift Card: $47.99


3-Month Xbox Live Gold: $17.49

To be updated. . .

Note: Prices listed here is true to their source as of posting time and may be subject for changes in future time. I will be adding a change log for any future changes.

Seeking PayPal Donations

Or rather, “Will Write 4 Food[-buying Money].”
This blog may not have been as active as I had hoped as I am pre-occupied with gigs and full-time work. Despite that as a fact, however, I still retain the exact same enthusiasm as I had when I started this blog and, as such, had been contemplating for a long time now in turning this free curation to a real-time commitment with the hopes of being in service to my readers by delivering the juiciest, freshest, and hottest news as well as trends that are happening in the gaming world.

You might be wondering why the need for such a long contemplation. Why exactly?

Well, to be candid, I’m short on needed funds to even kickstart the simplest website I could build, let alone its short term or long term maintenance. As most of you probably know, websites do not generate even a single penny unless it’s spent for, a notion shared by many internet companies, primarily Google: which is the kind of website you are reading right now. Hence, the irony of needing money to gain more money.

Why pursue on this when there are many credible sources of gaming information out there?

I do not really intend to compete and be the “best” source of information regarding games out there per se, especially acknowledging that there are existing brands that are way advanced, more entrenched, and more capable as I would hope my brand to be. For me, this is something that is to be as a result of one thing that is very relevant to me which I am very passionate about and not get tired of covering for: gaming. Money (hopefully) is just its second reward.

Like myself, I believe that video gaming is something that has special place to every person–young and old alike–which makes this niche, not just significant to the previous, present, and future generations, but also as an enduring topic reaching its maturity that is something we shall see more of in the coming years.


If you think I am indeed a few steps away in materializing this simple dream, why not help out hasten its fruition by donating? Any amount, however little, will be greatly appreciated: https://www.paypal.me/dothackjhe


US PlayStation Network: 3-Day Flash Sale Starting on April 17


In a surprising blog post by US PlayStation dated April 17, 2015, Friday, yesterday from today, the US PlayStation Network is conducting massive sales on a variety of action games including action movies which you can buy in either standard or high-definition format from its library dubbed as the “Action Packed Deals.” Get as much as 80% off of some of the games’ original price with games such as the Shadow of the Colossus, Bayonetta, Hitman HD Trilogy as well as other great titles such as the Ninja Gaiden series (yes, from the original Ninja Gaiden up to Ninja Gaiden 3), and others more in its sale. Pictured below are screenshots of some of the actual pricing of the games in addition to some of the movies:

PSN 3-Day Flash Sale

Sale Price_1

Sale Price_2

The offer is available on all Sony platforms namely PS Vita, PS3, as well as PS4 and is only good until April 20, 2015. To get the full list of games and movies available during this sale, click on this link.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Now to Run on Android and iOS Devices with Screen Size Smaller Than 6 Inches


Initially announced for release on Android tablet devices of at least six inches in size back in December 2014, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft has made another release — or should we say, an update — of the same game just recently which enables the game to run on screen sizes lower than 6 inches, such as the average smartphone devices running on Android and iOS.

As of initial release up to the present, the Android version of the game requires the following to work:

  • 1 Gb RAM
  • Android 4.0 or higher

Other than the mentioned major improvement, the recent update gives us the following changes:


Currently, the game is available on most gaming platforms with the chronological order:

Release date(s) Windows, OS X
March 11, 2014
April 16, 2014
Windows 8
August 6, 2014
Android tablets
December 15, 2014
iPhone, Android smartphones
April 14, 2015

The game can be downloaded from this link for those who will playing the game on Windows and OS X platforms. But as for smart devices users, Android and iOS, the game can be downloaded on Google Play Store and App Store, respectively.

New Monster Hunter Game To Be Released on 3DS in Japan in 2016

Credits goes to Polygon.com for this picture.

Just as when we think that the Monster Hunter franchise could not get any different, but only to improve upon existing formula that made the franchise a success since its initial release back on the PlayStation 2, we were proven wrong by being presented with a spin-off game title based on the franchise with Monster Hunter Diary: Poka Poka Airou Village on PSP a few years ago, a Patapon-gameplay inspired game based on the Monster Hunter franchise starring the Felynes.

Jump to the present, we are now presented with another Monster Hunter game but not the ones we know of. Introducing Monster Hunter Stories on the Nintendo 3DS handheld system. According to the source, the game was unveiled by Capcom during the recent event called as “Monster Hunter Fest ‘15 Finals” with the hint of it being an RPG, not like the usual Monster Hunter we used to know and love. To get a glimpse of the initial trailer of the game, play on the video below:

The most obvious difference of this game from the traditional Monster Hunter franchise is the graphics with its cel-shaded looks as seen on the protagonist along with his companion, a felyne, whose looks are comparable to the designs of games such as The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, if not better.

While there is much yet to be disclosed in terms of the actual gameplay of the game, Ryozo Tsujimoto, Monster Hunter producer, mentioned about the concept of the game focusing on “riders” instead of “hunters” this time around and will be a role-playing game about these riders and the monsters of the Monster Hunter world.

As of the present, the game is still “in the middle of development” and will be slated for release sometime in 2016 in Japan, according to Tsujimoto.